Hire a team of full-time IT engineers and technicians
for less than than the cost of an entry-level employee.

The Best Decision You Can Make

The landscape of technology has changed significantly over the last couple years. What used to be a simple small network in each dental office has become a much more complex network with significantly more moving pieces to manage. The trend is continuing as the industry adds more and more technology to dentistry. In addition, security has become our greatest concern; ensuring that our clients' practices remain secure and protected is mission critical to us.
When you hire us to manage your technology, you never have to worry about all the downsides of human resources. You don't have to pay for workman's compensation, health insurance, unemployment taxes, and so forth. We're the best and least expensive employee you'll ever hire.
Included in our Premier Managed Service
  • Maintenance and technical support for your practice's information technology.
  • Professional-grade, paid antivirus customized for your practice.
  • Windows updates, firewall maintenance, and security patches.
  • Computer and server logging, for maintaining security logs to satisfy HIPAA.
  • Hourly onsite backups + nightly secure offsite backups.
  • Vendor Concierge. We work with your dental software providers to ensure everything stays up to date, stays compliant, and is in good working order.
  • Discounted labor rates on projects not included in our Premier Managed Service (such as custom installations).

We make your



We're a full-service technology firm focused on supporting dental practices. We use technology to make you smile so you can use your skills to bring a smile to your patients.

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